Dog Walking Questions

Where will you walk my dog?

A new day a new dog walk… a dog likes nothing more than exploring new places and sniffing out new scents. Each day we vary our dog walks to ensure your dog gets plenty of variety and has a great time with us. We are so lucky to live in a place which is surrounded by amazing choices of walks such as the many glorious sandy beaches including Crantock, Porth, Fistral, Lusty Glaze and Perranporth beach. We have wide open spaces such as Perran Sands and ….. for the pooches to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. Our walks are also dependent on time of year and the beach bans. We try to stick to less crowded walks so that we are free to roam and enjoy the wide open spaces.


Can you walk my dog more than once a day?

Yes we can walk your dog twice a day if necessary. This suits owners who work long hours and their pets are home alone for long periods of time. Breaking up the day having two walks suits many pets whereas some are happy with one walk in the middle of the day.


My dog has not been castrated can he still be walked?

Yes of course.


Do you have insurance?

Yes we are fully insured. A copy of our insurance can be viewed on request.


Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes we offer free consultations to all new prospective clients. I will come visit you in your home where I can meet with you and your dog and we can get to know each other as well as ask questions and fill out all the necessary forms and paperwork.


How do we pay you?

I will leave you a weekly invoice which will have my payment details on so you can pay by bank transfer. I also accept cheques and cash payments.


What happens at the end of each walk?

By the end of each walk your pet will be tired out, happy and content. On the wet muddy days, they will inevitably get dirty, but I will wipe them down with towels which I can provide and get them as dry and clean as possible before leaving them back in their homes. I will ensure they have a topped-up water bowl so can rehydrate after all that exercise.


My dog is very nervous of other dogs so do you offer individual walks?

Yes we offer solo walks for those dogs that require just one on one attention or that are elderly and need a slower paced walk rather than an energetic pack walk.


My dog is on heat can she still be walked?

We are unable to walk your dog whilst she is on heat. We can offer a home visit service whereby we can come by and let her out in the garden, play games and spend some time with her.

We walk and mobile groom all over Newquay!

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