Our Services

Our services include Dog walking, Puppy visits, Cat and small animal visits, pet taxi and mobile dog grooming.

Mobile Grooming

I offer a mobile grooming service whereby your pet can be groomed in their own home. This is beneficial for elderly pets and those who are anxious in a salon environment. 

Puppy grooms are really beneficial from a young age to ensure they get used to being handled and groomed. Handling their paws and feet will help them when getting their nails trimmed Regular brushing at home will also get them used to being groomed and make the experience easier and less stressful when they need a trim. 


Dog Walking Services

 I aim to make each walk the highlight of your dogs day. Giving them a chance to play, socialise and explore new sights and smells. Fresh water is provided and I will towel dry your pet after each walk to ensure they are dry. 

Dogs are naturally pack animals and love to socialise with other dogs. Your dog will be placed in the group which best reflects their personality and needs. I do not walk more than 3 dogs at any one time. Solo dog walks are also available. 

You will receive a text, short note and picture of your dog each day after the walk so you can see what your four legged friend has been up to each day. 

Walks will vary daily to ensure your pet gets to explore lots of different places all around newquay such as the Gannel, Perran Sands, and a selection of the many gorgeous beaches in Newquay. 


Cat and small animal visits

I offer a pop in service for cats and other small animals. 

Visits can include

*cleaning of cages, runs 

*Cleaning of litter trays

*Cleaning of bowls and food area

*Keeping your pet company

*Basic grooming 

*Medicine administration

* Feeding and changing water










 Pet Taxi 

If your pet has an appointment with the vets or the groomers I am on hand to taxi them to and from their appointments saving you the hassle of taking time off work. 


Puppy Visits

Puppies require a lot of attention and should not be left home alone for long periods of time. I can visit your puppy once or twice a day for feeding, playtime, exploring the garden and socialising. I will clean up any toileting accidents your puppy has. 


We walk and mobile groom all over Newquay!

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